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Next Visit TBA:  Check

Tattoo Artist - Emma Bedard

Booking now - Junior Artist

Instagram: @embedart
E-mail: (Email to book or ask questions, details below)

Tattoo Artist - Terry Nimetz

Specialty: Illustrative realism, neo-traditional, American, fine line, geometric

Next Visit:   May 14-25, 2024

Instagram: @tnimetz.tattoos
E-mail: (Email to book or ask questions, details below)

Tattoo Artist - Draven Toews

Specialty: Micro Realism, Neo-Traditional

Next Visit:   TBA 

Instagram: @draventoewstattoo
Book:  (Use form to book or ask questions, details below)

Funky Threadz has partnered with certified body modification artists from accredited shops since 2002.   Artists adhere to body modification by-laws in place in most major cities of our country, therefore, there is no work on those under the age of 18.  There may be exceptions to this, but that is up to each artist's discretion.


Pricing for your piece should be discussed directly with artists. Generally, they are the same pricing structure at any certified body mod shop in major city in the Prairies.


When emailing tattoo artists - please give as much information as possible:


  • Full Name

  • Town / City

  • Contact Information (e-mail, cell and home phone number)

  • Specific type of tattoo (subject/colour or grey/cover-up if applicable)

  • Location of tattoo


Please note that they are busy artists who work at busy shops, so there may be a waiting period for them to contact you back. Also, the more information you give them, the more likely it is they can respond to you in a timely fashion. Our artists tend to book up extremely fast, so please be prompt if they request a deposit.


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