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Do you sell online?


Yes, it's more like traditional mail order.  We highlight our stock on our various social media.  We ship all over the world, and we offer free shipping on clothing orders over $150 in MB/SK.  Phone us or chat to order, it's toll free, and our staff will customize the shopping experience for you. Instead of a robot, you get to deal with an actual living, breathing human being :)

What are your hours?

You can view our current hours on our home page. 

However, this changes throughout the year, as some months like January or November we have shortened hours, and in peak season like Xmas we extend hours.  Holidays we generally are open, except Christmas Day and New Years Day.  On occasion our staff have family obligations or have been given the okay to close down earlier than normal, depending on how busy it is.

Do you do custom clothing?


Yes.  We haven't really advertised much, but we've been doing it for a couple decades.  Teams, corporate and bulk orders very welcome.  To get started, just throw us an email.

I want to get a tattoo.


To see upcoming visits, please go to  In addition, we suggest Leroy Watt locally, otherwise the closest shops are Nothing to Lose in Creighton, SK and Hudson Bay Tattoo in Hudson Bay, SK.  

I want a piercing.  What's the number to the piercing lady?


To see upcoming visits, please go to mods.

Can I get stickers?


Sure.  Send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.  Our snail mail addy is in the contact section of website.  We can pretty well guarantee if you throw a five dollar bill in that envelope, we'll hook you up proper. 



Haha.  Cute.  You best have better game than that.  Read the Sponsor Me section of our website.

Are you hiring?


Likely no, we keep our ship tight.  We're one of those weird shops that usually gives shopkids and friends jobs rather than random people we don't know.  You're always welcome to drop off a thorough resume and just as a headsup, put down references.  When we see no references the resume by default creeps closer to the shredder.

Can you special order me _______________?


Maybe.  We pre-book our inventory 6 to 9 months in advance.   Ever since the Economy went in the shitter a few years after we opened, most companies don't warehouse huge amounts of inventory.  Because of that, there's a slim-to-none chance that we can get what you want unless the timing is perfect.  Sometimes the timing is perfect, just not often.  Currently, special orders don't happen to often as the world is literally a gongshow for our industry.

Why are your prices the way they are?


Simply put?  Economics.  Most often, we don't carry the lower end economy parts of brands, we stock the higher end.  Eg Instead of Fila, we carry Fila Heritage.  Instead of Champion, we carry Champioin Life.  Adidas?  We do Adidas Originals.  Reebok, we do their Classic line.  This way we can differentiate ourselves from biters, and more mass produced goods.


Because of our geography, we on occasion, charge a few bucks more on better selling items, and less bucks on things that don't sell as well in our market.  We use the "law of averages" to balance things out. 


So yes, you may find a similar item for a few bucks cheaper in Winnipeg.  That's likely because it was a larger store, purchasing more inventory and getting larger discounts than us.  Or it''s from the companies cheaper line. It also could be because the item didn't get shipped 1000 clicks into the boonies, overnighted on a freight truck from Vancouver or Montreal.  Shipping is not cheap.  If you'd like to understand the economics of it more, reach out.

Is there any more stock in the back?


No.  If we have stock, it's on the sales floor.  There's zero point to stashing items in the back where they can't sell.

Who owns Funky Threadz?


Funky Threadz is a private, family ran business, owned by the Conaty Family of The Pas, Manitoba.  It was founded by Jerome Conaty, who chased his childhood dream of selling ill gear.  The Winnipeg Free Press wrote a nice little piece here.  Go ahead and laugh at the pic in that article- it's horrid.

Hook me up with a deal.


We can be a tad flexible with pricing for very regular customers that are buying a few items at a time.  But, please keep in mind what would happen if you went to Sport Chek at Polo Park and got asked for a hook-up.  So, the short answer?  koff.

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