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Unity Skatepark - The Pas, MB

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Ways to give

The concept for an updated concrete skatepark in The Pas, started in 2013 when the park built in 2003 started to show serious wear and tear.  While the park built originally served its purpose; with thousands upon thousands of uses over the years -because it was built in the older style of just concrete ramps put on degrading asphalt, an upgrade for our youth was sorely needed.

Concrete skateparks are a standard in most communities.  In Northern Manitoba alone, there are concrete skateparks in Thompson, Cross Lake, Flin Flon, Grand Rapids and Opaskwayak.  The Pas was the first community to get a skatepark, but we need to "get with the times" and build a modern one to properly serve the many physical activities of modern youth.  New concrete parks are often a "no brainer" choice for communities as they are extremely durable, built to last generations, and require virtually no maintenance.

The project started with major feasibility study, and a number of youth engagement meetings. Successful fundraising events included eat.ride.raise, Baewatch 624, Laugh & Boogie Comedy / Dance, an Art Auction, a Pie Throw and a kids area for the Mud Run.  Aside from all these events, lots of draws, donations, food sales and numerous smaller support roles for other events.  One of our larger fundraisers saw the original 623opoly Game Project net over $14k for the park. 

Originally, we partnered with TPCRC to hold all the funds, but as the bank balance grew, we needed to change directions as the amounts held were getting too large.   Around the same time, we were approached by The Pas Families Building a Better Community, who was simultaneously fundraising for the spraypark.  They asked if we could combine forces to get their project finished faster - the group would focus their work on the skatepark after the spraypark was completed.  We slowed down on fundraising for the skatepark to focus on the splashpad project, most notably with annual smile cookie campaign.  With a new executive group, and nearly all the fundraising completed, the splashpad project was completed in 2019.

With one major project completed under its belt, The Pas Families shifted direction back to the skatepark.  More community consultations and planning meetings.  Much of this work was done during the challenges of 2020 where in person fundraising events could not be done.  Our focus shifted to grant writing and organizational sponsors.  One design was picked by the community as the "one."  With a few adjustments, we now had the concept for what the park would look like.   

Large contributions came in from Manitoba Building Sustainable Communities, Rotary, Kinsmen, Kinettes, Pasindco, #RyderStrong, Moffat Foundation, RM of Kelsey, and the Destination Marketing Committee (Town of The Pas).  Large corporate contributions came in from The Grub Box and Funky.  The project had all the momentum and expected capital in place for a completion in 2022 . We broke ground in 2021, completing the foundation.  Then -  two major hurdles:  extremely large peat moss deposit resulting in Phase II budget over run, and rampant inflation of costs in 2022.  Our park cost would increase from 500k to 675k.  This left us with two choices:  1) Abandon the project indefinitely 2) Push even harder to complete the project in 2023 before more cost increases.

In the past few weeks, we have received multiple $1000 donations from citizens, sizeable corporate donations from Terry Nimetz Tattoo, Carley Bearing & Auto, and Kobelka CPA.  We've also received large contributions from A&W, The Pas Huskies, Baker Tilly, Evans Premachuk, Shane's & Twin Motors.

I'd personally invite you to please consider contributing to the final phase.  We've worked at this project for nearly a decade, and in our opinion, it's not a matter of "we cannot afford" to finish this project, it's "we cannot afford not to."

To donate, you can
contribute via facebook, send an emt to, or PayPal.   To send a cheque in the mail:  The Pas Families, Box 116, The Pas, MB, R9A 1K3.    To keep up to date with project:  FB | IG

For large contributions, please contact me directly at so we can discuss your goals.   Since we are a registered charitable organization, all donations are eligible for receipts for tax purposes.   

We believe we can come up with the remaining 150,000 before next construction season.  With a combination of personal, organizational, and corporate donations - we can finish this project, and come together as one for Unity Park.   Can we count on you?

Yours in Community,
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