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We are a very proud supporter of our community, and in many years have pledged to spend 10% of our sales to community events, sports, and fundraising efforts of various groups.  Due to the sheer volume of requests, we are now processing requests all online.  Please see which of the following applies to you, and follow the instructions.


1.  Local events - For local events such as fundraisers, charity events, fishing derbies, socials, etc.  Please email your letter.  This form is also to be filled out in order to process request.


2.  Trapper's Festival, Opaskwayak Indian Days, or any other Pageant. - Because these are far more detailed sponsorships, we sometimes have agreed to contestants months or in some cases years in advance.  Also, please keep in mind that we are a smaller shop, with somewhat modest means.  If you think we have thousands of dollars to blow, dozens of staff, and a bunch of resources and extra time to devote to you running, we may not be the best fit.  We're big supporters of people that are go-getters, have the hustle to get more help from family and the rest of the community.  If you think we'd be a good fit, then the best method is to email us, and touch base.  It's dependent on many factors, including budgets and current sponsorships of other events.  You need to remember when you're pitching something to us, we think like business people, if you're requesting $___ for sponsorship, you need to prove to us that we would be getting that value out of the partnership.


3.  Sponsored Athlete - Contrary to common belief, we don't have the assets to hook up every kid from here to Timbuktu.  It's not often that we sponsor people out of our geographic area.  Most of our sponsored athletes have been big supporters of our shop for years, and aside from their huge talent, have a great hustle on social media.  Try hashtagging #funklife and #funkythreadz in your vids and we'll see them.

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