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Donation Requests  


Please fill out the following form and send to us.  In your message, please ensure to answer the following:


  • Alternate contact name/email address

  • Is your organization a registered non-profit?

  • Basic description of the event

  • Requested donation type (in-kind, covering parts of costs, monetary)

  • Will you be giving sponsoring organizations a receipt?

  • If there are funds raised at your event, where are they going to?

  • How many people do you expect at your event?

  • What are the basic demographics of attendees?  (Age, Gender, etc)

  • How are you advertising your event?

  • Please list other organizations or companies sponsoring your event.


Thank you for considering our shop to assist you with your fundraising or sponsorship needs!  We receive hundreds of requests annually.  Please submit this 4 weeks before your event in order to allow us time to process your request.  If for some reason we don't get back to you, apologies in advance, we get so many requests!

Your details were sent successfully!

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